Monday, April 27, 2020

How to Hang Small Quilts

Whew! What a month this has been! While mask making has taken up all my sewing time in April, before I started that full time "job" I finished a wall hanging and figured out a new way to hang it flat against a wall. I thought I'd show that to you here.

Here's my wall quilt. It's about 33 inches square.

This method I'm going to show you will work great with many different sizes of wall quilts. There are no holes to put in the wall, and you can rearrange your quilts as you add more, or change out seasonally, Here you go:

Add corner pockets to the back top of your quilt, and sew them in with your binding. This is the easiest way to do this, but you can always add pockets to the back later and hand sew them in. Just don't sew a pocket the whole way across the back because you will need that space later.

Now, go get a wooden yardstick and cut it to the length that will fit tightly into the pockets, and insert it, as I did in the picture. See all the wonderful flat surface exposed on the yardstick? To that, you'll attach two 3M Command picture hanging strips. I didn't take pictures of this process, but you can watch a video from the manufacturer HERE.  Since small wall quilts aren't heavy, I stick the Command Strips together, adhere one side to the yard stick, remove the backing from the side that will go against the wall, and just press the whole quilt up against the wall where I want it to go. 

See how flat this quilt hangs against the wall? No sagging in the middle, no sticking out from the wall, no rounded dowel to distort the top and, best of all, no holes in the wall!

Doesn't this look great hanging here? This pattern is called Carpenter's Wheel and it's a free pattern you can find HERE.

I'm going to take a break from mask-making for a few days and work on cutting and storing all the scraps I've generated, and tidy up the sewing room and the living room, which has been a staging area for fabric from the 400+ masks I've made. Whew!

Hope you are all well!


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